All Zimt products are certified organic according to the United States Department of Agriculture, too!


All Zimt products are verified vegan by the Vegan Society- there are absolutely no animal products in any of our treats! That means this chocolate has no milk in it- we focus on the delicious goodness cacao has to offer and keep it very pure.


All of our products are made using ingredients and methods compliant with Canadian organic standards and are monitored by an independent certifier.


1% of all sales (that’s right- not just profits, but sales total!) are donated by Zimt to organizations that work hard to keep our planet as pristine as possible. The organizations we favour also help some of our earth’s most neglected animals, to give them the good life they deserve.



About Zimt Artisan Chocolates

emma-smith-zimt-chocolateWelcome to Zimt- I’m glad you found us! if you are looking for some really tasty treats that go beyond making your tastebuds happy, you have come to the right place- we’ve only got ethical deliciousness here for you.

Take a look around- we have your raw chocolate bars, really rich and fudge-y Double Chocolate Macaroons, truffles, and some rather phenomenal Cookie Dough Cups (only after you try them will you ask yourself how you went so long without them!). All of our ingredients are vegan, organic, and minimally processed. We use coconut sugar to sweeten all of our treats, and add no gluten, nuts, soy, dairy, grains and cane sugar, so, nearly everyone can enjoy!

Thank you so much for supporting what you do- you’re here for a reason and I really thank you for helping good efforts grow! The Zimt team is looking forward to you enjoying our delicious art and to bringing you more and more as we keep going.

Orders will be processed after August 26th. Thank you!